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Grades 9 & 10 / IGCSE

ISH is a certified center for Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), a part of the prestigious University of Cambridge in the UK. CIE oversees the curriculum in Grade 9 and Grade 10 that leads to the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). Both the curriculum and the methods of assessment are appropriate for a wide ability range and lead to a qualification that is equivalent in standard to the British GCSE and international ‘O’ Level examinations.

IGCSE provides a strong foundation for further education courses like the International Baccalaureate and is recognized by schools and universities around the world. Cambridge IGCSE is taken in over 145 countries and in more than 6,100 schools around the world.

Subject Choices at ISH

Cambridge ICE is a group award for Cambridge IGCSE, and is very popular in the USA and South America. It offers a broad and balanced curriculum by recognising the achievements of learners who pass examinations in at least seven Cambridge IGCSE subjects from five different subject groups, including two different languages.

IGCSE subjects are grouped into five curriculum areas

  • First Language
    • English
  • Second Language
    • French
    • Spanish
  • Geography
  • History
  • English Literature
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Core Mathematics
  • Extended Mathematics
  • Art & Design
  • Business Studies
  • Music

ISH will offer most of the aforementioned choices for the students entering Grade 9. The actual courses ISH ends up running will be based on student interest, staffing, room availability and scheduling.

Learners must take two different languages from Group I, and one subject from each of the Groups - II, III, IV and V. The seventh subject can be taken from any of the five subject groups. In addition, all students must participate in Physical Education lessons each week and be actively involved in the school’s Service Learning Program.

Suitability for a wide range of students

To offer more differentiated instruction that takes account of differing abilities, there is a choice between Core and Extended curriculum papers in most subjects - these include English, Mathematics and the Sciences. While the school recommends the choice of whether they should opt for Extended or Core, the final decision on the level is made by the student and the parent.

Final subject choices

No alterations to the subject list will be allowed after January 15th in the second year of the Course


Each course involves several papers which may take the form of exams or other requirements such as a coursework alternative. However, the choice of whether the coursework option is available or not, rests with the school, not the students.

Letter grades are awarded on a 9-point scale from A* to G, with an A* being highest. The grading for the Core exams begin from a C grade as opposed to A* for the Extended. Internal grades will however feature the 7 point scale.