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At ISH, learning is personalized. We encourage independent thinkers who take responsibility for their own learning, with our full professional support. We work with them to build deep conceptual understanding, high levels of competency and a positive, moral character: the tools for success in navigating a complex, challenging world.

School News


Elementary School Synergy

Our ES students lit up every room with their enthusiasm, energy, and knowledge at our recent Synergy event. They shared their learning by showcasing an array of projects, using a wide range of tools and strategies. It was fantastic to see parents so engaged, as they witnessed the children's visible progress, presented in creative and captivating ways! Here's to nurturing young minds and celebrating every step of their remarkable journey!

Celebrating world languages

Our Middle School students have been celebrating world languages through some engaging sessions this year. As part of it, we had parent-led sessions in Hindi and Telugu. Huge thanks to Ms. Sunita Shrivastava & Ms. Shilpa Vangapally for their engaging sessions with grades 6-8. From historical Hindi poems to Telugu alphabet learning, our students were thrilled! Due to popular demand, we'll continue exploring more World Languages next year.


Our Grade 7 students have been learning all about diffusion through fun lab activities. They've been watching substances spread out and testing how fast things can spread. These hands-on experiments are helping them understand science better and think critically. We're proud of their hard work and thankful for your support in shaping future scientists and thinkers!
Grade 4

Grade 4 Field Trip

Grade 4 students had an exciting journey into history with an Archaeological Dig! Uncovering ancient pots, exquisite jewelry, and fascinating manuscripts, they sparked rich conversations about the past's hidden gems. Talking about these treasures made them think about the past and how it connects to today. Additionally, to further deepen their inquiry, they went on a field trip to the Telangana State Archaeological Museum. It was a fun way to learn about history!
Kite Flying

Kite Flying and Festivities

Our skies came alive with vibrant colors as ISH students embraced the spirit of Sankranti during our thrilling kite-flying event. Despite the playful challenge of light winds, our students soared high with enthusiasm, creating a joyous spectacle.
About us

About Us

ISH is an English medium, co-educational day school that provides education for children between the ages of 4 to 18 years old. At present our student body consists of over 400 students from more than 22 different countries. The majority of the students at ISH are from overseas. That said, ISH is able to admit a limited number of Indian citizens. Over 34% of the ISH staff is international coming from 12 different countries. This is a really unique feature of ISH compared to other international schools in Hyderabad. The school’s preferred class size is 15 students.

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