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At the International School of Hyderabad, learning is personalized. We encourage independent thinkers who take responsibility for their own learning, with our full professional support. We work with them to build deep conceptual understanding, high levels of competency and a positive, moral character: the tools for success in navigating a complex, challenging world.


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leading our own Learning

We believe that content coverage does not equal learning.

To learn conceptually, students need to inquire, think and theorize. They need space to make connections between ideas.


Conceptual understanding expresses key relationships between important  ‘big ideas’ that are relevant beyond the classroom and across time and place. They are revisited a number of times at different grade levels using different illustrative content.


Competency learning can be shown in a concise statement of what a learner is able to do as a result of mastering a particular concept. Competency standards always begin with ‘Learners are able to…’ which allows us to set the context for individual learning and see how it fits into the bigger picture.


A character standard identifies a learning disposition or personal value. Character standards allow us to recognize and develop the traits more likely to support the students in becoming independent learners and global citizens.

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