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At ISH, learning is personalized. We encourage independent thinkers who take responsibility for their own learning, with our full professional support. We work with them to build deep conceptual understanding, high levels of competency and a positive, moral character: the tools for success in navigating a complex, challenging world.

School News

Kite Flying

Kite Flying and Festivities

Our skies came alive with vibrant colors as ISH students embraced the spirit of Sankranti during our thrilling kite-flying event. Despite the playful challenge of light winds, our students soared high with enthusiasm, creating a joyous spectacle.

Christmas Choir

Join us for a magical evening as the ISH Secondary Choir, comprised of 25 talented voices, adds a melodious touch to the annual Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony at The Westin. Experience the joy of the season and support our gifted choristers, many of whom will be performing for the first time.
Deccen Trails

Exciting times at Deccan Trails!

Our students from Grades 4 and 5 embarked on an epic two-day journey to the Deccan Trails campsite. They immersed themselves in two days of adventure, including team-building exercises, a nature walk, a rain dance, and rock climbing. Our camping escapade was an absolute blast, pushing our young explorers beyond their comfort zones and creating memories that will last a lifetime.
HS Production

Secondary Production. - 'Freaky Friday'!

A collaborative masterpiece brought to life by our exceptional team of students, teachers, and staff. From crafting enchanting props to refining performances, every detail was a labor of love. Kudos to the dedicated actors, artists, musicians, dancers, teacher facilitators, admin team, and our wonderful audience. Until next year, thank you for making this event truly magical! Special thanks to fISH for their unwavering support, making this journey unforgettable.
Junior Football Viper Cup

Junior Football Viper Cup

ISH Team A clinched the championship, competing against spirited teams from ISH Team B, Samisthi International School, and Meru International School. This friendly tournament emphasized fair play, respect, and sportsmanship, creating lasting memories for our elementary athletes.
About us

About Us

ISH is an English medium, co-educational day school that provides education for children between the ages of 4 to 18 years old. At present our student body consists of over 400 students from more than 22 different countries. The majority of the students at ISH are from overseas. That said, ISH is able to admit a limited number of Indian citizens. Over 34% of the ISH staff is international coming from 12 different countries. This is a really unique feature of ISH compared to other international schools in Hyderabad. The school’s preferred class size is 15 students.

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