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ISH Mission and Guiding Principles

Leading Our Own Learning


Our Mission 

At ISH, learning is personalized. We encourage independent thinkers who take responsibility for their own learning, with our full professional support. We work with them to build deep conceptual understanding, high levels of competency and a positive, moral character: the tools for success in navigating a complex, challenging world.


Our work is framed by these Guiding Principles:


We are a learning-focused school.

Our decisions are driven by clear learning purposes with a commitment to a broad, holistic educational experience. Our students own their learning and we provide them with rich, relevant contexts for practical learning applications, in a culture where mistakes are seen as learning opportunities.


We are a deliberately diverse school.

We build a community of students with different learning profiles, cultural and linguistic backgrounds and personal perspectives. We encourage cultural interactions and we support students in developing their own ideas and personalities.


We are a nurturing school.

We sustain a safe, welcoming culture, characterised by a commitment to care for ourselves each other and our environment.


We are a collaborative school.

We work together in planned, purposeful ways to utilize our strengths.


We are an aspirational school.

We have high expectations. With our guidance, students set challenging goals and develop the resilience to achieve them. We reflect on our own progress as a school and seek and receive feedback and recognition from rigorous external international accreditation.