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ISH Campus

The main ICRISAT campus stretches for 3,600 acres with the school campus spread over 10 of those acres. Being located on the ICRISAT campus provides ISH students with extraordinary access to nature and most unusual learning environments, with science labs, a museum, a medieval fort, and a weather station. The school campus houses science laboratories, music rooms, a library, art rooms, language rooms and multiple outside areas for learning and exercise. Facilities at ISH includes football fields, a cricket pitch, an outdoor covered area (for basketball and other activities) and a indoor, air-cooled multipurpose gym (basketball, volleyball, badminton, etc). The ICRISAT campus offers opportunities for other outdoor pursuits including a swimming pool, tennis courts, cross country running and cycling.

Safety & Security

Safety & security are top priorities of the school. The main ICRISAT campus, where ISH is located, has its own fire station and a medical unit with a full-time physician. In addition to this medical unit, ISH employs its own full-time nurse. Both ICRISAT and ISH have security guards controlling the entries and exits to each campus and the ISH campus is monitored by CCTV. ISH issues ID cards to students, parents & drivers. Students and parents need to show their ID cards at the ICRISAT gate and display those ID cards while they are on campus.