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Assessment is a continuous process of gathering and interpreting evidence to make judgments about student learning. Assessment identifies what students know, understand and can do at different stages in the learning process. Assessment helps teachers to plan, guide and implement learning.

Reporting takes place twice a year and at  the end of each semester. Additionally students also receive mid-semester Interim Reports or ATLs which focus on approaches to learning.


In the Elementary School, students are assessed internally, against criteria that measure the objectives for each subject. There is an internal assessment at the end of each unit. Report cards take the form of written narrative and are sent home twice a year at the end of each semester. These reports comment on students achievement, indicates areas for improvement and suggest strategies for improvement. Additionally, Student–Parent-Teacher conferences are held twice during the year.


Students in the Middle School [Grades 6-8] are assessed internally on a regular basis according to set standards. They receive a combination of formative and summative assessment that cover a wide range of conceptual, competency and character areas of learning. They receive two ATL reports each mid-semester giving them a snapshot idea of how they are progressing and a descriptive end of semester report aimed at guiding them and helping them improve. Twice a year there is a three-way conference where student’s write up their own learning goals and share them with their teachers and parents.

Students in Grades 9-12 receive a written comment and a numerical grade between 1 and 7. Those sitting for IGCSE exams receive a letter grade between A and G according to the IGCSE criteria. Information about that system may be found in the ISH IGCSE Booklet. Information about the IB Diploma and grades in Grades 11 & 12 may be found in the ISH IB Diploma Booklet.