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Message from the Divisional Principal


 Catherine Erpen - Elementary Principal Ms. Catherine Erpen
Head of Elementary

A very warm welcome to the Elementary School at ISH, a place where minds are engaged, hearts are nurtured and hands are active. 

Our spacious campus and well-designed learning spaces provide a safe, supportive environment and our exceptional faculty use their expertise to plan and deliver engaging lessons with rich learning experiences. Learners are taught the value of hard work and perseverance while receiving plentiful opportunities to lead their own learning. We encourage the development of strong positive relationships by promoting care, respect, and open-mindedness, reflecting our commitment to being intentionally diverse and inclusive. 

We offer an enriched American curriculum that is concept-driven and inquiry-based. Learning is situated in local and global contexts, which means that learners explore concepts, content, and ideas through different subject lenses while making connections to personal and shared experiences, stories, and texts. This allows for lots of experiential tasks and collaborative activities with an abundance of opportunities to develop learning skills. It also supports relevant, meaningful integration across subject areas. 

We believe that every child matters and are committed to fostering a culture of dignity in which everyone feels valued. As such, achievement is personal and collective so we encourage one another and celebrate every success. Walking around the campus, it is clearly evident that teachers actively inspire curiosity and consistently encourage learners to ask questions and pose theories.  Learning is a continuous process and I can confidently attest to the fact that our learners thrive. You are warmly invited to visit us so that you can see and experience this for yourself.

Yours in learning,

Catherine Erpen