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Music Program

The International School Hyderabad offers a wide variety of music classes for elementary children. Music classes offer age-appropriate activities including: singing, dancing, listening, playing pitched and non-pitched instruments, music games, rhythm games, and stories. Our aim is to foster a deep-rooted love of music in a stimulating, playful environment by introducing students to fundamental music concepts such as rhythm, tempo, dynamics, melody, pitch, timbre, improvisation, mood and expressiveness. Preschool music classes are designed to enable a smooth transition to individual learning in future years. Music instruction is offered in all genres from classical, jazz, pop, and rock, to folk, blues, and other genres. Extra-curricular activities include lessons offered in piano, violin, guitar, viola, cello, voice, flute, drums, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet and more. Our faculty is dedicated to making your child’s learning experience stimulating and fun. The music teachers use a creative and nurturing approach that makes music both informative and enjoyable for your child.

At International School of Hyderabad students participate in the following:

  • Singing songs with control and using the voice expressively (ongoing skills): Listening, memory and movement.
  • Exploring duration
  • Exploring pulse and rhythm
  • Exploring pitch
  • Exploring instruments and symbols
  • Exploring timbre, tempo and dynamics
  • Exploring descriptive sounds
  • Exploring arrangements
  • Exploring pentatonic scales
  • Exploring roundabouts
  • Exploring song writing
  • Exploring musical processes
  • Exploring performing in groups and teams