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Physical Education (P.E.)

ISH has the best sports facilities in Hyderabad. There is an enclosed, climate controlled, composite floor Multi Purpose Hall (Gymnasium) which has 6 basketball hoops and 4 badminton courts and 1 Volleyball court. There are two outdoor basketball courts for the secondary and elementary schools. One of these courts has recently been covered which allows a wide variety of activities to be engaged in regardless of sun or wet conditions. We have four outdoor grass areas which can be used for a variety of outdoor activities such as football, cricket, track and field athletics and ultimate frisbee. The main field is extensive and allows ISH to host both full-sized cricket and football matches. It is also allows us to host our annul K-12 track and field day. We have access to a 25 meter pool, where we host our K-12 Swim gala. Finally, we have access to 2 outdoor tennis courts and very well equipped fitness room.

Elementary School Physical Education

Depending on the grade level, the ISH students have PE once or twice a week. The emphasis on the program is to keep the students active as possible, to help improve fitness and to learn sports and activities which they can use throughout their lives. The sports and activities which are covered throughout the year are basketball, football, badminton, track & field athletics, swimming, volleyball and fitness and conditioning.

In addition to this the Early Childhood grades have sand and sensory play areas adjacent to their classrooms and an indoor activity/playroom used during regular class sessions as well as during unsuitable outdoor weather.