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Every child is different; they vary in their physiological, psychosocial and cognitive make up. Hence, it is natural that they should react differently to their environment and learn differently. Although it is important to follow social norms, it unlikely that anyone can fit into one rigid mould.

ISH works towards bringing out the best in every student. To support and enhance the differentiated instruction that goes on in the regular class room, the Inclusion team works with a limited number of students with special educational needs to support them with their challenges. This is either done through support within the classroom or on a pull out basis to ensure the students benefit from the program.

Students are exposed to aural, visual and hands on activities that will help them learn and retain important concepts and skills. Every effort is made to stay connected with the grade curriculum wherever possible. The aim is to get them to work as independently as possible, which is an important life skill. Collaborative planning amongst teachers is also an important part of this process.

Students are placed in this program based on detailed observations, past records and feedback from the class teachers. Referrals are made for further testing, should learning needs be identified during the school year. Clinical testing and therapies are not available at school and therefore the parents are required to get them done privately. For children with Special Educational Needs, an ILP is put into place using the recommendations of the test results. Modifications are made when necessary.

Regular communication with the student support team and the parents takes place to monitor the students’ progress.