The ISH Approach to Academic Disruption During Covid-19


ISH physically closed the campus in mid-March 2020. Thereafter, virtual learning commenced for all students right through to the start of the new school year, 2021-22. 

ISH used Zoom and several other platforms for delivering lessons. 

Given the situation in India, the school reviewed the academic calendar for the school year 2021 - 2022 and started the year earlier than usual. The school commenced on August 4th, scheduling a balanced combination of synchronous virtual lessons and asynchronous independent work, and office hour sessions. 

Some adaptive practices used during this virtual learning period have included:

  • Oral exam assessments were completed with individual students in all HS subjects throughout the pandemic. This model is currently continuing through the first semester of 2021-22 and may be the status quo, unless schools can safely reopen.                     

  • Other forms of assessment continue through Google Classroom interactions and uploads, including IB internal assessment tasks.

  • Where possible, we have sustained our “normal” learning practices but adapted their structures for use through a virtual format. Details and evidence of some of the actions described above are provided through the following links:

·       ISH Continuous Learning Site

·       ISH - COVID Playbook