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The ISH Approach to academic disruption during COVID-19 

ISH physically closed the campus mid-March 2020. Thereafter, virtual learning commenced for all students right through to the end of the school year in mid-June. 

ISH used the Zoom platform for delivering lessons. 

Given the situation in India, the school reviewed the academic calendar for the school year 2020 - 2021 and started the year early. The school commenced in mid-July,           (instead of mid-August), scheduling a balanced combination of synchronous virtual lessons and asynchronous independent work, and office hour sessions. 

Some adaptive practices used during this virtual learning period have included:

·       Oral exam assessments were completed with individual students in all HS subjects to end the academic year 2019-20. This model continues through the first semester                     of 2020 - 21. 

·       Alternative venues are being considered for physical examinations. If not viable, virtual assessments will continue using one of a number of platforms, being considered. 

·       Other forms of assessment continue through Google Classroom interactions and uploads, including IB internal assessment tasks.

·       Where possible, we have sustained our “normal” learning practices but adapted their structures for use through a virtual format. Details and evidence of some of the actions described above are provided through the following links:

·       ISH Continuous Learning Site

·       ISH - COVID Playbook

Predicted Grades for University (for the Class of 2021): Guidelines for Teachers

·       What factors should inform how we determine PGs?

Priorities here are to- 

(i) provide students with realistic information about their trajectory and 

(ii) remain credible to universities.  

The PG should:

·       Take into account all elements of IB subject performance; where possible in approximately equal proportions to the actual IB weightings.  This may mean including the student’s likely performance in various elements of coursework, on the basis of available evidence, and with consideration to the recent changes made by the IB for May 2021 subject assessments,

·       Be in line with the student’s assessment history,

·       Take into account the improvement likely with continued guidance throughout Grade 12 to the final examination,

·       Take into account any increase in the level of difficulty of the remaining curriculum.

PGs are thus based on knowledge of the student, supported by assessment data, and informed by departmental discussions.  

Teachers must verbally communicate to the students well in advance of the written communication to them.   Teachers should also have signalled a significant concern beforehand.  Students should have the opportunity to improve their grades with specific advice from teachers on how to do so:

 For example: 

a. You need to be able to consistently demonstrate almost flawless algebraic accuracy

b.  You need to show me the ability to analyse and synthesise, not just describe

c.  In the next four tasks we do or you need to demonstrate a consistent ability to explain in detail, using   original examples,  how opinions may change when you adopt different perspectives


The Process for the Class of 2021

·       Progress  of students  in  their Internal Assessments to be reviewed and considered

·       Testing opportunities for seniors on the school campus (if feasible) or via an online platform. There is a confirmed scheduled exam session either on campus for those students with access, or at home under supervision for those without access - for late September - early October.

·       An additional week has been allocated for science experiments in late October, on campus, with appropriate health and safety protocols.

·       PGs are finalised after discussion at an IB faculty meeting.

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