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We need to think deeply about how to best prepare students for a world in which they will change career paths multiple times, do jobs that are not even invented yet and become employers themselves, creating new jobs for others. Over the last few years, ISH has been looking in depth at its curriculum and its co- and extra curricular activities to strive to prepare our students for a happy, successful and ethically responsible future, equipped with all the necessary tools. It is an ongoing journey.

Learning from EC to Grade 8

From EC-Grade 8, we are working with the Common Ground Collaborative (CGC), a global network of leading schools headquartered in Brussels. The CGC works with schools to create systemic approaches to learning, creating a common language and aligning our learning to our Mission and Guiding Principles. Working closely with the leaders of the CGC, we have developed a Three Year Educational Plan. As part of this plan, we have defined our learning, drawn up a set of learning principles and developed a glossary of common definitions of all key learning terms, so that we share a common vocabulary. Having developed the plan, we are now in the implementation phase.

Learning in High School

In grades 9-10, students study the IGCSE and in grades 11-12, the IB Diploma Programme. We also offer the ISHDP, a high school diploma. At the same time, we must optimize the fact that we are one school, so the High School uses the same ‘language for learning’ as the rest of the school, bringing greater coherence and efficiency. We have also included the Human Commonalities of the CGC and the Learner Profile of the IB – which enable us to ensure we develop the whole, well-rounded and balanced learner.