COVID-19: ISH Updates 

Updated: June 12th, 2020


Dear ISH Community,

Here is my End of the year message for you.

What We Know:

Latest on COVID Figures. Today there are now  7,526,784 confirmed cases of COVID-19, in 188 countries, according to the Johns Hopkins CSSE site. 297,535 cases are in India, in Telangana, there are 4,320 cases, and 2,689 in Hyderabad (450 unknown as of today).  India is still the fourth-highest for cases in our world and the numbers continue to rise.

What ISH is Doing:

  • Community End of Year Presentation. For those of you who missed it, here it is: Community End of Year ISH Presentation.
  • The Awards and Leaving Assemblies. Many of our assemblies were recorded this week. The principals will send them out early next week to students, where relevant.
  • Flexibility on Continuing at ISH in the Short Term. There is a fair group of our learners who were set to leave in June but now are unsure when their transfer to their next posting will take place. Please contact either Sunayana on: or Sunita on, if you have such a scenario and would want more details.

What ISH Did: Our very best!

To Consider 

End of the year 2019-20 message from ISH teachers and staff 

End of the Year 2019-20 School Video   

Until July 15

Be well!!!