Early Childhood Program

We at ISH believe that each child is a unique being; an individual who brings to the class their own Knowledge, experiences, interests and questions. We also believe that children come from different backgrounds, have varying needs and styles of learning and should be treated fairly regardless of race, gender or ability. Children need to feel safe, loved, respected and secure in order to learn. We strongly believe that children use play and other creative and imaginative activities to learn and make sense of the world.

We aim to draw upon these when devising a developmentally appropriate curriculum and endeavor to meet these desirable learning outcomes of the curriculum with a partnership relationship with both colleagues and parents.

Toddler program (2 to 3 years old)
A Toddler program is offered to children from 2 to 3 years old. The program runs from 8.30 till noon‚ Monday-Friday. we also have a full day programme (till 2.50 PM) but  all day toddler program is only possible for older children in the group if the teacher feels that the child is ready for this.

Early Childhood (Reception-KG 2)

Our Early childhood curriculum is designed to address six areas of development. Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Communication, Language and Literacy; Mathematical Development; Understanding and Knowledge of the world; Physical (Fine and Gross Motor) Development and Creative Development. These six areas form a foundation for the subject areas in grades 1 and above. Through these areas we wish to create an atmosphere of emotional warmth, and to be sensitive to individuality of each child. We put children in control of their own by allowing them to make choices through structured activities. Although we plan for whole group instruction as it is important for community building, the early childhood teacher knows that young children learn best in small groups with lots of one-on-one support. We fully encourage and prepare children for life by placing learning in a meaningful context.

Areas of Learning in Early childhood

  •     Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  •     Communication, Language and Literacy
  •     Mathematical Development
  •     Knowledge and Understanding of the world
  •     Physical Development
  •     Creative Development