Elementary School / Grade 1-5

The ISH Elementary School provides a caring atmosphere where students are encouraged to collaborate effectively, reason critically, think creatively and communicate efficiently.

The ISH Elementary curriculum is a combination of documents developed internally and accredited by The Council of International Schools (CIS) and The New England Association of Schools (NEASC). ISH has developed a curriculum to the end of Grade 5 that incorporates best practices from American, British, Australian and European education systems. We are currently in the process of adopting the Common Ground Collaborative, which is a global network of educators who share common principles to develop a curriculum.

To accommodate wide ranging learning styles and ensure that every child is challenged, our instruction is differentiated, with a focus on implementing the guided enquiry cycle approach to teaching. We believe that in doing so, we are also able to meet the needs of the ISH community which includes individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Cross-curricular links are established to inculcate a comprehensive and cohesive approach to learning. The curriculum at ISH is structured to balance scholastic achievement with social, emotional and personal development.

We encourage each student to strive for academic excellence and also aspire towards becoming socially aware and responsible in order to be well equipped to excel in a global society. Period assessment, using a range of methods, provides valuable feedback for adjustments in the instruction. Furthermore, the International School Assessment (ISA), an annual test conducted by ACER, is taken by all students to give a snapshot of the work covered during the year and the levels reached, in comparison to other schools across the globe.