Art program

Secondary School

The  Visual Arts Department at the Secondary School aims to develop the students’ aesthetic, creative, and imaginative senses. The students learn a range of key skill sets and techniques within a context of world culture and art history.

The Department is well resourced and allows students to explore, experiment and experience different forms of art and styles with particular emphasis on the host country’s culture.  Visual Art is part of the curriculum in the Middle School and is taken as an optional subject in the High School.

The annual visual arts exhibition, Tint n Tone, is the culmination of a year’s hard work and showcases an amazing range of student talent.

Elementary School

Art at ISH is used as an important tool for the overall learning process and for in depth understanding of various topics. We use Art for documentation, representation and above all for expression, the three being the most important for complete learning. Art is treated as an individual subject and it goes along with the other subjects as an interdisciplinary activity.